The presidential candidates are trotting out famous faces in Iowa in a last-dash toward Election Day. Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards was joined by some stars on an Indianola stage yesterday. Leonardo DiCaprio, star of films like “Titanic” and “Catch Me If You Can,” was the first star to stand on stage in the Simpson College gym. DiCaprio urged the students in the crowd to vote as only 36 percent of the under-30 crowd voted in the last presidential campaign.

“Imagine the collective power of nearly 40 million young voters like all of us here today. Imagine that power,” DiCaprio told the crowd. Then, Jon Bon Jovi powered up the amps and played a few songs for the crowd. Bon Jovi, too, urged the college students to vote.

“If you don’t think every vote counts, just remember four years ago what happened and how 500 votes made the difference in this country,” Bon Jovi said. “I hope that you’ll do me a favor and talk to your friends, those who may still be swing voters. Tell ’em how important it is to get out there and pull the lever on November 2nd.”

When John Edwards took the stage, he took President Bush’s backer Rudy Giuliani to task for saying yesterday that American soldiers bear “actual responsibility” for the disappearance of tons of explosives from Iraq.

“Rudy Giuliani is coming to Iowa, and I want you all to let him know what you think about his comments about our troops,” Edwards told the crowd in Indianola.

“You can tell him that our men and women in uniform, our military, they did their job. It was George Bush, the commander in chief, who didn’t do his job…And why did it take George Bush three days to finally say something about 380 tons of missing explosives? The whole world knew those explosives were there. They did nothing to secure them. What did George Bush have to say about this when he finally did say something? He said John Kerry’s not supporting our troops. What in the world is he talking about? Aren’t you sick and tired of George Bush and Dick Cheney using our troops as a shield to protect their jobs instead of actually protecting our troops?”

Giuliani issued a statement last night, saying his comments had been taken out of context. Today, Giuliani will campaign for Bush in Mason City. Ann Coulter, a conservative commentator and author, is scheduled to speak in Ames tonight, but she barred reporters from taping her remarks. Also today, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson will campaign for President Bush in Cedar Falls and Dubuque.

This weekend, John Kerry will return for a rally in Des Moines, and he’ll be joined by Bon Jovi and Iowa native Ashton Kutcher, star of “That ’70s Show.” On Monday, President Bush will hold rallies in Des Moines and Sioux City.