The world’s largest gathering of farm toy collectors is underway this weekend in the northeast Iowa community known as the home of the “Field of Dreams.” Lori Aberle is manager of the 27th annual National Farm Toy Show and Auction in Dyersville. Aberle says the event will feature old and new toys, arcade and pedal tractors, but it’s mostly farm toys and implements, trucks and farming memorabilia like calendars. She says the show draws in collectors from around the globe who are willing to plunk down big bucks for the little vehicles. She says visitors are coming from England, Canada, Germany and all over the U.S. Aberle says she’s amazed every year by the amount of money some people will spend at the farm toy auction. Sometimes, she says, the little toy tractors end up costing almost as much as the real thing. She laughs and says “It kinda’ makes you wonder sometimes.” The show and auction are underway through tomorrow in addition to other events like micro-mini toy tractor pulls and pedal tractor pulls for the kids. For more information, call (800) 533-8293 or surf to “”.