Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources has opened an on-line store. You can buy products at the new “Iowa Nature Store” ranging from a book about the frogs of Iowa to shirts embroidered with wildflowers, deer, fish and other logos. D-N-R spokesman Ross Harrison says it’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with Iowa-promoting items 24-seven. The website features 49 different products including books, jackets, shirts and baseball caps. It’s also where you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses on-line and a host of environmental education products along with free downloadable brochures on tree-planting tips or a state forest nursery catalog. Harrison says the store’s available to Iowans — and anyone anywhere with a computer — and is online just in time for the holidays. Harrison says it’s the D-N-R’s effort to help people connect with Iowa’s natural resources and to provide educational materials in a convenient way. He says the website launch cost about five-thousand dollars and money earned beyond that will go straight back into state parks programs. Harrison says just as people show their spirit for the Hawkeyes and Cyclones, they can also celebrate and connect with Iowa’s ducks, deer, fish, pheasants and other wildlife — in addition to colorful trees, clean water and flourishing wildflowers. To visit the site, head to “”.