The Iowa State Cyclones have an extra week to savor their new role as favorite in the Big-12 North. The Cyclones beat Nebraska 34-27 ansd with victories in their final two game would claim the division title. They are off this week before returning to action at Kansas State.Defensive back Ellis Hobbs says it’s like winning a race and they will celebrate for 24 hours and then put it behind them and get ready for their next game at Kansas State. Todd Blythe had eight catches for the Cyclones, including a 17-yard touchdown catch with five second remaining in the first half that gave I-S-U a 24-7 lead at the half. The catch gave Blythe the all-time single season record for touchdown catches at Iowa State. Freshman quartetrback Bret Meyer scorched the Husker defense for 345-yards of passing. Meyer says it was easy to sit back and see things when the offensive line was playing as well as it was. Iowa State is 5-4 overall.