If you have business with Iowa courts, this Wednesday’s the deadline to wrap it up for the week. State and federal offices including the courts are closed on Thursday, the Veterans Day holiday. And the state court offices, including Clerk of District Court offices and the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, will remain closed Friday because of budget cuts. It’ll be the fourth day this fiscal year that the Judicial Branch has closed its offices as a cost-cutting measure. In July, the court approved a variety of budget cuts, including 10 days in which all court offices would be closed and employees would take unpaid leave. However, now that the cost of providing health insurance to Judicial Branch employees is less than originally anticipated, the court has scaled back the total number of unpaid leave days from 10 to eight. They’ll still close for one day in February, March, April and May, saving more than 275-thousand dollars each time according to court data.