A new video game for the X-Box went on sale early this morning at one-past midnight and some Iowa hardcores were at their favorite video stores to snap it up. “Halo 2” pits an earthling super-soldier against an invading force of aliens, the latest incarnation of “first person shooter” games and it’s not cheap. There are two versions, one that’s 49-99 and a special edition running 54-99. Des Moines video store owner Shredd Scharnberg says this game is legions past old standbys like Doom in terms of detail, sound and plot.You’re looking through the eyes of the person involved in the game and Scharnberg says it feels like you’re “in” the game, calling it very “emersive,” amazing and realistic. Scharnberg says Halo 2 sales are very strong and it’s not just teen and twenty-something boys, but men and women of all ages. The game is being released in eight languages and 27 countries. It’s expected ten-million copies will be sold.