The Iowa Supreme Court has dismissed a young woman’s lawsuit against her school, her ex-lover who was a teacher and another school where her ex-lover had once worked. Daniel Eveleth was accused of sexual harassment while he was a teacher at the B-C-L-U-W Community School District. He struck a deal with the district: he’d resign in return for a positive recommendation for another job — and the school did not file a harassment complaint against him. Eveleth was then hired to teach junior high classes at Northwood-Kensett. In February of 2000, Eveleth and Northwood-Kensett senior Theresa Stotts, who had reached the age of 18, began a sexual relationship. Eveleth was not her teacher, nor an advisor or coach for any of her school activities. The young woman’s mother complained to the school, and after an investigation that confirmed the relationship, Eveleth resigned and turned in his license to teach. Two years later, the young woman sued her former lover, her former school and the other school where Eveleth had worked. The state’s high court has backed up the lower court that dismissed the entire case because Stotts was 18 and a consenting adult when she had sex with the teacher.