The Pottawattamie County Attorney’s Office has filed charges against two men in connection with the shooting of a Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s deputy. Both 24-year-old Colton Dineen of Omaha and 24-year-old Jeremy Clark of LaVista, Nebraska, are charged in Pottawattamie County with attempted murder and assaulting a police officer, among numerous other charges. Dineen and Clark were allegedly in an S-U-V that Pottawattamie County Deputy Brian Loomis pulled over for speeding yesterday morning on Interstate 80 in western Iowa. Someone in the S-U-V fired at least four shots at Loomis, striking the deputy in both arms. Loomis is recovering at an Omaha hospital. Authorities say a third person may have also been in the S-U-V at the time of the shooting. Both Dineen and Clark are in custody in Cass County, Nebraska, where they were arrested several hours after the shooting of Loomis. The two men are facing various charges there, as well.