The world’s largest gum maker has agreed to a deal to buy the Kraft’s candy brands — which includes the Creston Trolli plant that makes Gummi Bear candies. Jill Saletta is a spokesperson for Kraft . She says Kraft has agree to sell all of its sugar confectionary business around the world to the Wrigley Company. She says after they get through the regulatory process, the sale should close in mid 2005. Saletta says Kraft views the sale as good for both companies. She says they view it as a win, as she says these are terriffic brands. She says they didn’t fit in well with Kraft, but should do well for a company like Wrigley. Saletta talks about the impact of the sale on the 160 employees in Creston. She says after the regulatory review, the Creston workers would become employees of Wrigley. She says it’s their expectation and understanding that Wrigley would continue with the exisiting workforce in Creston. The Wrigley Company reportedly paid one-point-eight billion dollars to purchase the Kraft’s companies that also include Altoids Mints and Lifesavers candies.