The Bowl Championship Series is on the move. Fox Sports will become the new home of the BCS after signing a four-year 80 million dollar agreement.That’s BCS coordinator and Big-12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg says from 2007 through 2010 BCS bowl games other than the Rose Bowl and the 2007 through 2009 national championship games. ABC has held the broadcast rights since the BCS was implemented in 1998 to determine a national champion but the network withdrew from the bidding last week. He says they had strong interest from other networks and he says he felt optimistic they’d be in a position to improve on where they’re in the marketplace. Foxs Sports chairman David Hill says the network made the bid even though it does not curently have a contract to offer college football on a weekly basis. He says big sporting events are the only guarantee there is for advertisers to find viewers in television, and that’s why he went into it. ABC still has the rights to the Rose Bowl and the national title game when it is played at the site through 2014.