Whether you’re a veteran Iowa driver or a novice, the Iowa State Patrol is asking you to do a little research before you take on winter roadways. Patrol spokesman Jim Saunders says they provide the info. He says one of the biggest things available is a cooperative website of the State Patrol and Iowa D-O-T at www.iowaroadconditions.org. He says you can log on before you leave and check up-to-date road conditions. If you don’t have web access, you can get the info via the telephone.He says you can dial 5-1-1 and get the same information. Saunders also suggests you call the 5-1-1 number while you’re on the road to check up on road conditions. He says don’t call while you’re driving, but pull over and call and get updates, especially if there are storms going on. Saunders says if you have questions about whether you should head out, the website and call-in information will tell you. He says that information is based on troopers who’re actually out on the road and he says they’ll radio back and let you know if travel is not recomended. Saunders says the information on the roads is as “real time” as you can get. He says the recommendations are based not only on what the troopers see, but also if the trooper is covering lots of accidents. The website for winter conditions got up and running again for the season on November 15th.