As Iowans by the tens of thousands head for airports this holiday weekend, many will be pulled aside and searched. Fifth District Congressman Steve King, a republican from Kiron, says our system of seeking terrorists is out of whack. King says he doesn’t feel sorry for people like Yusef Islam who were put on a “watch-list” for suspected terrorist ties, when others are treated more unfairly because they don’t fit the profile, yet are subject to more thorough searches. King says 75-year-old ladies are being given “spread eagle searches…while we see these Middle Eastern male Islamics with turbans on and long beards walk through and smirk at the 75-year-old lady. I think it’s a poor use of our resources.” On the topic of racial profiling at airports in the wake of nine-eleven, King says he’s all for it, saying the U.S. needs to be more like Israel in that respect. King, speaking Tuesday in the Cass County town of Atlantic, discussed the Conservation Reserve Program and the changes that’ll be necessary in the near future. King discussed the Omnibus Spending bill that passed Congress last weekend and was sent to President Bush for signing. He says from a spending perspective, the bill essentially froze domestic discretionary spending for the first time in years, which he says was not enough, but was a step in the right direction. King acknowledges there are “pork barrel” spending packages that get slipped into the three-thousand page bill in the 11th hour before passage that don’t get noticed before it’s voted upon. And, regarding the recent election and the use of electronic voting machines, King says he disagrees with the people who lobbied for the use of those machines and favors a return to the paper ballot in all states. King and democrat Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida will join together around the first of February to try and move legislation that sets-up the use of paper ballots across the country.