A number of cancer support and prevention groups have joined to create a website. Doctor George Weiner of the University of Iowa is the chair of what’s called the Consortium for Comprehensive Cancer Control. He says there’s over 50 organizations and it’s designed to help relief the pain and suffering from cancer among Iowans by getting them more information about cancer in general. Weiner says the website — canceriowa.org — contains specific information about Iowa. He says it speaks about the risks of cancer, screening and prevention and sites locally in Iowa where you can get cancer services. Weiner says they wanted a one-stop site for the Hawkeye State. He says there’s outstanding information out there from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, but there wasn’t one site just for Iowans and this site brings all the information together. Weiner says the site should be a useful guide you can trust. He says the source of the information is apparent adn the information has been carefully gone over by experts. There’s also an 800 number you can call with specific questions. Weiner says the site has a lot of information that can help you beat cancer before it gets a start.He says prevention is the most important thing. So he says the webpage has info on things like stopping smoking and staying out of the sun and other lifestyle changes for beating cancer. He says early detection and treatment are the keys to successfully beating cancer and improving your quality of life. For questions or more information you can call the toll-free line at: 800-237-1225. A grant from the Centers for Disease Control through the Iowa Department of Public Health funded the development of the Web site.