Saturday is the first day of the first shotgun deer season in Iowa. Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Willy Suchy says there’ll be plenty of targets roaming around the woods. He says deer numbers are about the same as they were last year, a little higher in some places, and a little lower in others. Suchy says they expect over 130-thousand hunters to head out during the two shotgun seasons. He says hunting conditions this weekend look to be good, and there are an extra 32-thousand antlerless licenses out there. Suchy says hunters have been slow to pick up their licenses, and many may have to stand in line before hitting the firing line. He says as of yesterday noon (Thursday), only half of the expected licenses had been sold, so he says there may be people waiting in lines this afternoon and evening. If the season’s caught you off guard, Suchy says it’s not too late to get a license and join the hunt. He says you can obtain a license right up to the end of the season, which is Wednesday for the first season. The second shotgung deer season runs from December 11th to the 19th. For more information, check at the D-N-R website