The chief of police in a central Iowa city is warning parents about craze that could be a dangerous to your kids. Toledo Police Chief Jeff Harnish says the craze is called the “fainting game” or “flat lining.”He says they come up behind each other and put someone in a choke hold or grab them around the throat. He says it puts pressure on the main arteries in the neck and causes the person in the hold to pass out. Harnish says it’s supposed to give the person a rush as they pass out. Harnish says they’re investigating a case at the South Tama Middle School that may’ve involved the craze. He says they want to make people aware of it and have parents talk to their kids and if they’re doing it, have the kids put a stop to it. Harnish says investigators are hearing it’s becoming a common thing. He says parents might notice unusual marks on a student’s neck and they may report frequent headaches. Harnish says he’s worried things could go too far. He says they did some internet research and found some incidents in Omaha a few years ago that result in four deaths. Harnish says a 13-year-old student involved in the South Tama case had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. He says officers are trying to determine if this was a case of the student voluntarily taking part in the “fainting game,” or just an assault by another student.