The Department of Revenue is adding more on-line services for Iowa businesses. Department director Mike Ralston made the announcement today (Monday). He says beginning next month you’ll be able to file and pay withholding taxes on-line, and then other business applications will come on-line later. Ralston says every Iowa company with employees has to file the witholding information, so it will have an impact on everyone. He says the on-line filing is a voluntary option. He says all the information and research they’ve seen shows that people will migrate toward electronic filing, but it won’t be manditory. Ralston says on-line services are one of the top requests of businesses. He says people want to interact when it’s convenient for them, and he says he thinks taxpayers are right and ought to be able to do those things. Ralston says the electronic filing of withholding information will make it easier on his office. He says if they don’t have people involved every step of the way, it’s quicker. He says using a computer makes processing the information go quicker. Ralston says they also anticipate a dollar savings from the on-line filing, but says he won’t know how much until they get everything up and running.