Governor Tom Vilsack is expressing optimism about a new democratic party commission appointed to examine the line-up for the caucuses and primaries that makeup the presidential selection process. Vilsack says you always have to be concerned about losing the “first-in-the-nation” status.of Iowa’s Caucuses. He says other states want the spotlight that’s been shining on Iowa. “But the challenge for any commission is how to build a better mousetrap,” Vilsack says. Moving another state, particularly a large state like Pennsylvania, into the lead-off role would tilt the system according to Vilsack.Vilsack says it would mean a candidate would have to raise at least 20- or 30-million dollars to even think about running for President because they’d have to buy advertising in major media markets. Vilsack says he hopes the democratic party which is supposed to be for regular folks would hold open the door for candidates who don’t have the cash but have the hopes and dreams that might make them a good president. Two Des Moines attorneys, both of whom have been involved in Iowa democratic party politics for years, have been appointed to the commission.