A project designed to make it easier to look up environmental information is moving ahead with more funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Gail George of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working on the project to put all the information in one on-line database. She says it would let people go to one place on the web and let people see all the environmental permits for one facility. She says you could look up an industrial plant, a farm or a municipal area. George says some facilities have environmental information from several sources. She says you could have a plant that has a permit for air emissions, a drinking well, a permit to discharge wasterwater, a permit for an underground storage tank. George says getting the information more accessible will be helpful to many Iowans. She says one of the smaller audiences are people doing environmental assessment. She says the biggest audience will be people buying property. She says it will be the place to start searching for environmental information when you want to buy some property. George says part of the program will let you see the area you’re researching as well as read about it. She says they have an interactive map portion in which you can search for an address and pull up a topographic map or aerial photo of the area. The E-P-A awarded the state a 300-thousand dollar grant to continue work on the project. George says they will have the information for seven different types of permits available by the end of 2006.