The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals is taking nominations for the Governor’s Award for Quality Care in Iowa healthcare facilities. David Werning, a spokesman in Iowa’s Department of Inspections and Appeals, says governor Vilsack established the award to recognize longterm care facilities — including nursing homes and longterm care facilities — that provide outstanding care to their residents. The nominations are open to all long-term care providers including nursing facilities, skilled-nursing and residential-care facilities, and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded or the mentally ill. Since the award was established in 1999, 23 healthcare facilities in Iowa have received a governor’s award. With reports every now and then about abuse, faulty care and problems at the state’s assisted-care and other institutions, Werning says it’s nice to hear how many are doing an exemplary job of caring for elderly and disabled Iowans. The nominations can be submitted by family members of clients, by residents themselves, or from members of the Resident Advocacy Committee, people who are on-site daily and see the care that’s being provided to residents. Up to two instutitions in each of the state’s congressional districts may be selected for a Governor’s Award. Once a nomination comes in, the office verifies who sent it, and compares the name of the caregiver with records of prior compliance with rules and regulations — its history. The agency also does an on-site inspection to make sure the nomination’s “up to snuff” before the award is given. You have until the end of January to get in recommendations, and they must clearly state the reason the facility should be considered. Nominations list any unique services that facility provides to its residents, and any activities undertaken by the facility to enhance the quality of care or quality of life for its residents. Last year 7 institutions were recognized for the Governor’s Award for Quality Care. Those included Colonial Manor of Anita, Anita; Ramsey Home, Des Moines; Manning Regional Healthcare Center, Manning; Country View Manor, Sibley; Manor House Care Center, Sigourney; Woodland Terrace, Waverly; and Sunrise Terrace Care Center, Winfield.