It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but one that needs to happen. Karla Morse, of Trinity Homecare in Davenport, says when you visit your elderly parents for the holidays, you should be checking to see if they are still able to fully care for themselves. Morse says it’s unlikely the parent will tell you that he or she needs help. They’re still the parents and you’re still the child but in reality, the roles are switched. Morse says you should not hesitate to tell the parent you are concerned and suggest they hire a homecare worker. She says there are some things you should be looking out for. Morse says you should judge their general appearance, the cleanliness of their clothes and the house, and make sure they are not losing weight. Morse says you should also be checking to see if they take their medicine, take part in social activities, and are drinking enough water. She says it’s very unlikely the elder parent will bring it up, so you will have to start the conversation.