Three weeks ago Adair County residents voted on a local option sales tax measure. Now it looks like some of them may be casting ballots again soon. On November 30th, a local option sales tax was approved everywhere in Adair County except Greenfield, the county seat. Tonight (Tuesday), the Greenfield city council will consider a resolution asking for another vote on the municipal funding mechanism. Sharyl Newbury, Greenfield’s city administrator, says without Greenfield’s participation in the option tax, the benefit to the area is limited. She says the county won’t benefit much if Greenfield doesn’t participate, because the majority of businesses that would collect the sales tax are located in Greenfield. The one-percent tax would provide an estimated 100 thousand dollars to the city of Greenfield. Only around 250 Greenfield residents voted in the special election, failing the measure 136 to 117. Newbury says she doesn’t believe voters were informed about the issue before the original vote. Early estimates show the county would collect over 450 thousand dollars per year with Greenfield and about 280 thousand dollars annually without.