The latest version of Steve Alford against Bob Knight is played out in the United Center in Chicago tonight as the Iowa Hawkeyes take on Texas Tech. It is the second straight year these teams have met on a neutral court. Tech won last year’s matchup in Dallas 65-59. Alford says they both want their programs to grow and Knight felt he could do that by playing in Dallas in the biggest metro area in Texas. And Alford say Iowa has a lot of alumni in the Chicago area, so it made for two good neutral sites.Besides the attention this matchup gets Alford says it is always a plus for the Hawkeyes to play in Chicago. He says there’s lots of talent there and it gives the alumni that don’t get to see the team play get to a game that’s close. This is the second of a two-year agreement between the schools and Alford says it may be a couple of years before they can start a new one. Alford says he’ll talk about it when the time arises. He says they have some changes in the schedule and it may be two years before they have any openings in the schedule.Iowa is 9-1 while Texas Tech is 5-2 after a six-point loss to Ohio State.