Iowans might have a tough time getting their hands on one of the holiday’s hottest electronics gifts. The digital music players called Apple i-Pods are in heavy demand. Brian Barto, who manages a Best Buy store in Davenport, says they’re having to limit some i-Pod sales.Barto says “On-line right now, we are not taking orders for the i-Pod minis and certain other models of i-Pod.” Barto says they’re trying to steer customers into the stores, not to the website, at least for that particular product. Barto says “That’s primarily just because we decided to shift the inventory to make them available in stores. We’re very focused on making sure that if someone goes into a store they can find the i-Pod that they want.” He advises people to phone ahead if they’re hunting for a certain color, for example. Barto says “If you have a very specific one that you’re looking for, it wouldn’t hurt to call the store and make sure that they have one at that time.” Amazon-dot-com has sold out of two of the most popular i-Pod models while Circuit City is reportedly running out of the gadgets between shipments.