Families that find themselves with impatient kids home from school this week can plan some craft projects to send holiday greetings to families, friends and others. One opportunity in central Iowa is at the State Historical Building in Des Moines, where spokesman Jeff Morgan says they’ll be welcomed to send a soldier a greeting card. They’ll provide materials and workshop tables so parents or grandparents can bring kids down the make greeting cards for U.S. service personnel who are currently serving overseas. The event’s titled “Cards, Boxes and Bows,” and goes on today (Tuesday) and Thursday from 11 A.M. till 2 P.M. Families don’t have to have their own service-person to participate. If they do he says “that’s terrific,” but anyone’s welcome to come participate. They’re looking forward to a strong turnout so there will be plenty of the hand-made greetings to send to service people serving in defense of the country. Cards will be collected and sent off to soldiers serving overseas. Folks interested in other ideas for activities in their home or their hometown can visit the museum store at the Iowa History Center, phone the museum’s director of special events, Maureen Korte at (515) 281-4132, or surf to Iowahistory-dot-org.