The Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled an Iowa City man found guilty of kidnapping, robbery and burglary for two crimes in Waterloo and Cedar Falls should get a new trial. The Court of Appeals has ruled the jury that found David Willock guilty of the crimes was unfairly prejudiced. The Court of Appeals says Willock should be tried separately for the crimes that ocurred on October 16th, 2002, and then in another trial for the ones that happened 10 days later. On that mid-October night, Willock’s accused of breaking in to a Waterloo woman’s home in a revenge attack against the woman’s ex-boyfriend who sold Willock and his two partners in crime some bad drugs. Later that same October, he’s accused of being in a group of three that broke into a Cedar Falls home, kidnapping the couple inside and stuffing the woman in the trunk of a car. The woman’s boyfriend escaped and cops later tracked her down. That crime had burglary as its primary motive.