The frigid outdoor pasttime featured in the film “Grumpy Old Men” actually makes for happy people of all ages. Ice fishing is a growing sport in Iowa, according to Mick Klemesrud, spokesman for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Klemesrud says most of the state’s ponds and lakes are in great condition now for ice fishing. He went ice fishing on Sunday in western Iowa and found a solid ten-inch ice thickness. Klemesrud says the weather is cooperating for the start of the season this time around. He says most of the states ponds and lakes have ten or more inches of ice and are in good shape for ice fishing. Klemesrud says 20-to-30-percent of Iowa’s licensed anglers also ice fish, that’s about 60-thousand people. He says an increasing number of people are discovering — and enjoying — ice fishing. He says more people are taking up the “tremendous activity,” which is really more of a social sport, getting together with friends, chatting, playing cards in the shack — and you don’t need a boat. 2004 fishing licenses are good through January 10th. The 2005 licenses cost $17.50. Ice fishing was the backdrop for part of the movie “Grumpy Old Men.”