The state capitol’s not the only institution that’s suffered water damage in recent days. owa State University’s department of residence still doesn’t have a damage estimate from a flood in Larch Hall, discovered on Christmas Day. The cause is apparently a waterpipe — or two, that froze and burst after students left a couple windows open in dorm rooms and a bitter cold spell hit after they’d all left for winter break. Seventy-two dormitory rooms from the fifth floor on down suffered water damage as well as the first-floor commons area and the living quarters of the hall director. The residence-hall staff is calling students at home, warning those they can reach what a mess they’ll find when they return for spring term and telling them free laundry service will be available to help them clean up. It’s a tough season for ISU’s department of residence, which just learned that budget cuts linked to state funding cutbacks will mean the department loses 40 positions in the 2005 and 2006 school year.