Iowans are expecting unseasonably warm weather tomorrow with a high around 50, but plenty of frigid days are sure to be ahead this winter. If your car should break down on a country road and there’s nothing in sight but snow, Triple-A-Iowa spokesman Gary Klopp says to watch for traffic to flag down but don’t hike far from the vehicle. Klopp says to sit in the car and get out every once in a while to look for cars in both directions but the worst thing to do is get out and start walking. He says the Boy Scout motto about being prepared is appropriate for all Iowa motorists during the winter months. Anytime you leave the house, bring along warm clothing and a survival kit that includes: flashlight, batteries, non-perishable food, matches, blankets, boots and the like. Klopp says during the winter months, when temperatures often dip below zero, the motor club’s service calls triple. He says a cell phone is the easiest way to get help and some throw-away emergency phones can now be bought for as little as $25.