The Midwestern-based “Orphan Grain Train” is responding with some aid in areas of the world hit by Sunday’s earthquake and tsunamis. Director of Development Dick Jostes says a 40-long shipping container with supplies just happen to arrive recently at its Bangalore, India, warehouse. Those supplies have been diverted to relief efforts in southern India. But Jostes says the immediate need now is money.They’ve set up a special fund, dubbed the “Asian Disaster Relief Fund,” and have partners in Thailand standing by, something they’ve done in the past if they get cash donations to run it. Jostes explains they’ll send more containers, but that will take six to eight weeks. With cash, they can get money over there for workers in the region to buy rice and drinking water, which are most needed for the people right now. Jostes says Orphan Grain Train’s 14 regional divisions located throughout the United States are all participating in the Asian Relief Project. He says the organization’s assistance to the countries affected by the tsunami will continue as long as funds for the relief effort are available. See the group’s website, its Iowa coordinator, and how to donate at