A man described as one of the greatest friends of Iowa high school sports has died. Mike Henderson, a long-time staffer at the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, died this morning. Bud Legg of the Iowa High School Boys Athletic Association paid tribute to Henderson today.

“The number one high school sports guru in the state of Iowa,” Legg said in describing Mike Henderson. “The guy had just such a huge capacity and love for high school kids and high school athletics and also the Drake Relays that it just goes beyond words and certainly his passing just leaves you numb. He’s just such a marvelous person.”

Henderson remembered the names and records of thousands of high school athletes. “I’m not sure whether Mike had a photographic memory,” Legg said. “But he had such a command of what kids did and not only that but where they went after they competed in high school.” Legg does the stat work and media relations at the boys association that Henderson did for the girls union.

“Hopefully, his memory will serve as an inspiration for all of us to get better,” Legg said. Henderson helped organize the running of the Drake Relays and also helped the Boys Athletic Union decide the match-ups for the football playoffs.

Henderson was also an integral part of Radio Iowa’s Football Friday Night, helping us compile scores and appearing on air. Radio Iowa news director O. Kay Henderson says Mike was a key part of the show for the past four years. “You didn’t have to spend much time around Mike to know he was the best at what he did,” Ms. Henderson said.

“His love of high school sports was infectious and his knowledge simply stunning. We at Radio Iowa were priviledged to spend time with him and we benefitted from the genius of this gifted guy.”