A man was shot to death by authorities who were raiding a rural home in western Iowa early Wednesday morning. Mills County Sheriff Mack Taylor says at about 6:15 yesterday morning members of the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Task Force — including cops from Council Bluffs — entered the home to search for a felon who had a gun.”During the course of the execution of that search warrant, a law enforcement officer shot a suspect at the residence,” the sheriff says. The name of the suspect’s not being released, pending notification of relatives. The shooting happened at a home that’s a couple of miles south of Glenwood. Sheriff Taylor says giving the actual address would give too many clues as to just who was shot — and he wants to hold off releasing the information ’til all relatives are notified. He wouldn’t say whether there were other people in the home at the time of the shooting, or whether the man who was shot to death had fired at cops first.