Experts say Iowans with older furnaces should be especially careful to make sure their carbon monoxide detectors are working. Kirk Hughes, a spokesman for the statewide poison control center, says “if you have a carbon monoxide detector and it alarms, the best thing to do is leave the area, contact your local fire department, they can check it out and in turn they can contact the appropriate utility.” He says newer furnaces generate much less carbon monoxide than older models. Hughes says just testing your carbon monoxide detector can be a life-saver during winter months, especially if you have an older furnace. He says most of the detectors have a reset button or a test button similar to a smoke detector that emits a long beep, and if that’s not present, you should replace your detector. The Sioux City-based Iowa Poison Control Center hotline is 800-222-1222, or surf to “”.