The guidelines for flu shots have been eased as more supplies of the vaccine become available. The state health department’s Kevin Teale says instead of people over the age of 65, now anyone over 50 is eligible to get a dose of the medicine for this year’s strain of influenza.Folks who’ve heard it’s now age 50 may still not know that includes the household contacts of those eligible people as well — so if anyone in your household is older than 50 years of age, everyone who lives there can get the flu shot. Teale says though the vaccine is more readily available than it was a few weeks ago, the public clinics giving free or reduced-cost shots at shopping malls and other places still have not resumed. He has advice for Iowans wondering where they can get the shot: the best place to check is your local county health department. They’re in contact with the local healthcare providers and are in the best position to know who has supplies of the vaccine. Another option for people to consider is the Flu Mist, which is in plentiful supply. Though you must be healthy to take it, and between age five and 49, he points out that everyone who gets a dose of the Flu Mist will save a dose of the other vaccine for someone else.