The two-day winter storm is drawing to a close. It was still snowing this (Thursday) morning in Clinton and and Quad Cities but forecaster Rod Donovan of the National Weather Service says the amounts of snow we have now will be it for this event. A 12 to 16-inch band went across central parts of the state from Waterloo to Ames to Atlantic, and he says even more, around 16 inches, fell in an area including Denver in Bremer County. Plows still have a day’s work ahead of them. The DOT’s website shows some snow on every roadway in the state, and wind and falling temps can mean danger for travelers. Donovan says there’s been quite a bit of blowing and drifting, especially on east-west roadways. Winds will diminish by afternoon he says and conditions will improve. High pressure’s moving down across Nebraska and Kansas and the sky is clearing. The forecaster says it’ll be cold tonight, with temps dropping below zero for a second night in some areas…but by the weekend we could get up near freezing.