A ten-year-old Iowa girl will perform on a national t-v show tonight (Friday) — and everyone is hoping she really blows it. Megan Mitchell of Dow City, a fifth grader at Boyer Valley Elementary School, will appear on the “Tonight Show” and show her talent for blowing long notes on her trumpet. Megan’s mother Nancy Mitchell explains how her daughter was chosen for the show. She says her band director noticed she could do a technique called “circular breathing.” Using the technique, Megan can breathe out through her mouth while playing her instrument, while at the same time breathing in. Musicians like Kenny G. use the technique to play longer notes. Megan’s band director, Dennis Fett, also raises peacocks and had contacts at the “Tonight Show”. He let them know about Megan’s ability to use the tricky playing technique. Mitchell says Megan has been practicing during her spare time to be sure she’s ready. She says she’s had her trumpet out over her vacation to practice and be sure she can still do it. Mitchell says when they arrive at the studio they’ll go through a special routine. She says California law requires her to have a tutor for a few hours in case she has homework. She’ll then go through makeup and get her hair done and then dress rehersal. They then do the taping of the show and afterwards get to meet the staff and take pictures. They will stay overnight and will fly back to Iowa Saturday afternoon. Megan and her mom left for California Thursday on the trip that’s being paid for by N-B-C. The show airs tonight at 10:35.