Iowa Congressman Steve King says there are two major issues he’s targeting now that Congress is back in session. He says he got his marching orders handed to him in being re-elected. He says Social Security reform and tax reform are the top two priorities. He favors eliminating the income tax and going to a national sales tax. King, a republican just elected to his second term, says he’s introduced a bill to help Iowa’s ethanol producers.He says the bill would change the definition of a small ethanol plant from 30-million gallons to 60-million gallons to let more plants take advantage of the tax credit for ethanol. The bill also adds biodiesel to the tax credit to help biodiesel producers. King says the bill would help plants financially. He says it would be a one-and-a-half million dollar tax credit for any plant that produces up to the maximum amount. He says that would make a big difference as they put together their business plan and would help with their cash flow. King represents the Fifth District in western Iowa.