More percipitation is preparing to drop on Iowa — the only question is whether it’ll be freezing rain or snow. National Weather Service Meterologist Brad Small says you can expect some mix of both.He says we’re looking at widespread freezing drizzle and fog tonight. A winter weather advisory is in effect for central Iowa for tonight. For tomorrow and tomorrow evening, a winter storm watch will be in effect because of the expected combination of freezing rain and snow. Small says there’ll be plenty of percipitation whatever form it takes.He says we could see several inches of snow in west-central across into north-central Iowa. In the southeast from central Iowa to the northeast we could see ice accumulations in a stripe from Creston to Waterloo in the morning before it changes to rain. Small says trying to figure our what falls as ice and what falls as snow is not easy.He says they have to pay attention to temperatures at the surface and several thousand feet up, so he says it’s hard to predict over a small area. Small says the rain and snow will be followed by colder temps.He says we’ll probably see the coldest temperatures of the season from early Thursday into the rest of the work week. If you’ve been watching the rain and mudslides in California — Small says those storms are headed this way. He says the system that’s flooded California and the Southwest is the same one that’s going to be here midweek.