Republican legislative leaders say they would oppose any move to grant driver’s licenses to people who are living in Iowa illegally. The issue of illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses was considered today (Thursday) during a hearing in the Iowa Supreme Court chamber. This afternoon, Senate Co-Leader Stewart Iverson, a republican from Dows, weighed in on the controversy. Iverson says, “From me, I think it is wrong to give undocumented people driver’s licenses.” Iverson says driving and voting are privileges and there are many privileges that are reserved for legal citizens, and he says illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote or to get a driver’s license. Iverson says he doubts he could go to another country, tell local officials he was living in that country illegally and then get a license to drive there. House Speaker Christopher Rants, a republican from Sioux City, would also oppose any move to give undocumented workers an Iowa driver’s license.Rants doubts many illegals would apply for a driver’s license because they’d fear getting their names on a government list of undocumented workers.