Many Iowans go to the dentist for check-ups every six months, but how often do you have your eyes checked? Dr. Carmen Foster, medical director of a Cedar Rapids eye care center, says the frequency of your visit depends on your age. Patients from 18-to-40 need to be seen every two-to-three years, from 41-to-60 every year or two and over 60, once a year. For people who have a family history of eye diseases, they need to be seen earlier and more frequently. Glaucoma is an eye disease which Foster calls “sneaky.” It doesn’t give patients pain or any warning but left unchecked and undiagnosed, glaucoma can cause blindness in a patient silently. Foster says some people may avoid going to the dentist because they think it’ll hurt, but she says most eye tests are completely pain-free. January is National Eye Care Month. She says people who faithfully get their cholesterol and blood pressure tested never seem to get around to a glaucoma test. There are more than 70 affiliated eye doctors in Iowa. Find the nearest one by surfing to “” or call 1-888-CALL-TLC.