Congressman Steve King is one of the Iowans anxiously awaiting today’s (Thursday) inaugural address by President Bush. He says, “To be here, to be part of this history to watch it unfold, and to hear him lay out his vision for the next four years — something I’m very much looking forward to. I expect that I will get my marching orders and I’ll decide then how I’m going to adjust to the President’s request.” He says they’ll go to work in the 109th Congress the following week. King, a republican, disagrees with those who’ve criticized the cost of the inaugural. He says it is a big event and he says, “A nation as large and as strong as the United States of America should be able to do an inauguration that costs a little money, and do it up right. If we can’t do it here in this country, then where can they?” King says the symbolism of the inaugural is important as well. King says some of the critics won’t ever be happy.He says there’s always critics whose job it is to wake up in the morning and criticize whatever you do. King asks those who criticize what they have to say positive about anything. King represents Iowa’s fifth district in Western Iowa.