State regulators are asking the legislature to allow more out-of-state deer hunters into the state next year. Department of Natural Resources director Jeff Vonk says there’s clearly a market for more than just the six-thousand licenses now allowed under Iowa law. Vonk says this past year, more than 12-thousand out-of-state people applied for a license to hunt deer in Iowa. In each of the past two years, Vonk has asked legislators to allow 12-thousand deer hunting licenses for out-of-state residents, but legislators balked.Vonk is asking the legislature for two-thousand more deer hunting licenses for out-of-state residents. Out-of-state hunters pay big bucks for a license to hunt deer in Iowa. A license costs three-hundred-eight dollars. Vonk says “because of our big bucks it costs you big bucks” if you’re an out-of-stater hoping to hunt deer in Iowa. Vonk’s also asking legislators to raise the license fee for out-of-state hunters who come in to Iowa to shoot at pheasants, rabbits and other small game. A “small game” license for someone who lives in another state but wants to hunt in Iowa is currently 80 dollars. Vonk wants it to be a hundred.