While insurance industry officials recently raised concern about the deer population — there are still thousands of licenses available for the late season deer hunt that ends January 23rd. Richard Smith of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says it’s an anterless season where you can take only female deer. He says they have roughly 15 counties with just over 10-thousand deer tags still available. Smith says the male deer with their sometimes trophy antlers are often sought first by hunters, and this special season is designed to thin out the herd by cutting the number of female deer across the state. He says each county was designated a specific quota of “tags” for the season with the overall total being round 84-thousand statewide. Smith says all hunters are encouraged to take advantage of the remaining opportunities to take a deer. He says if you already had a first-season shotgun license, you can go in and get a late season license. Smith says you can easily find out which counties still have deer tags available. He says you can go to the D-N-R website and click on the “license” link and click on “anterless deer” and it will give you a list of all 99 counties. The website is located at: www.iowadnr.com. Smith says you can get a license for the late season hunt at any outlet that sells regular licenses.