Republican legislators are distributing about two-hundred C-Ds carrying an anti-bullying message. Representative Dwayne Alons of Hull handed out six to a group of superintendents from his area. Alons says the disc will help school administrators and teachers come up with an anti-bullying program for each of their schools. Sioux Center superintendent Patrick O’Donnell says he’s anxious to boot-up the disc and see what it has to say about bullying. “We want to make sure we provide a safe environment for all of our students,” O’Donnell says. Is bullying a problem in Sioux Center? “I don’t want to be naive and say that it isn’t. We like to think we have very good kids, but on the other hand we know that kids sometimes don’t behave the way we expect them to behave,” O’Donnell says. In a recent poll, up to 90 percent of the Sioux Center student body said they felt safe at school. “So what are the other 10 percent feeling?” O’Donnell asks. The discs were produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and are offered to schools without charge.