An Iowa City restaurant will be featured on national T-V tonight. Sort of.

One of the fictional presidential candidates on N-B-C’s “The West Wing” will visit the Hamburg Inn, but it’ll be a Hollywood recreation of the eatery, not the real thing.

Owner Dave Panther says it stems from a political event held in the restaurant last year.

Actor Martin Sheen, who plays the current U.S. president on the show, visited the restaurant during the Iowa caucuses in January of 2004. At the time, the burger shop was holding a “coffee bean caucus” where customers could vote for their favorite presidential candidate by putting a bean in a can on the counter. Sheen apparently liked the idea and wanted to feature it on the show.

Panther says a big screen T-V is being set up tonight at the Hamburg Inn for a West Wing-watching party and he’s printed up t-shirts. They combined the Hamburg Inn logo with the West Wing logo along with the date and episode number-13 called “King Corn” in red, white and blue.

Panther expects a good crowd for the event tonight near Iowa City’s downtown.

The episode airs at 8 P.M. central time.

Two actors who play recurring roles on the show are Iowans. Des Moines native GregAlan Williams plays a military advisor, while Annabeth Gish, of Cedar Falls, plays one of the president’s daughters.