An Iowa lawmaker is calling for a ban on video gambling machines in bars. Senator Matt McCoy, a democrat from Des Moines, says those video games claim money that bar-goers would otherwise spend on lottery games. “What we need to do is ban ’em, then we need to let the Iowa Lottery release their version of the machines…and then obviously collect the revenues” for the state, according to McCoy. The state has placed four-hundred-22 touch-screen lottery games in bars and convenience stores around the state. But they’re competing with nearly seven-thousand, privately-owned video gambling machines that give out prizes — like free drink tickets. Iowa Lottery director Ed Stanek says there’s no doubt the lottery’s profit margin has suffered from the competition. “The total impact (on the lottery) is somewhere around seven million dollars a year,” Stanek says. McCoy says that’s money the state could use. McCoy says it’s time for the state to take control of video game-playing in bars. Bill Wohlers is president of the trade organization that represents video gambling machine owners. Wohlers says McCoy forgets that the machine owners are paying state sales taxes and a hefty registration fee. “We are not nefarious and unscrupulous individuals,” Wohlers says. “We’re business people just trying to run a good show.”