The resurgence of the grape industry in Iowa has also led to the creation of festivals celebrating the wine end product. One of the biggest festivals spawned by the renewed interest in grapes is in Des Monies. Debra Storey Salowitz is the executive director of Winefest Des Moines that started three-years ago. She says there was really a fealing that there’s a growing interest in wine, not only as consumers, but as an industry that’s growing in our own state. Salowitz is planning now for this year’s event in April. She says they’re inviting the Brennans from the fabled restaurant in New Orleans and are inviting vinters from California and Florida too. Salowitz says they try to have wine friendly experts at the event to help people learn more about wine. She says they really de-mystify wine, and it’s not about the snobbery of wine. Salowitz says they raise 20-thousand dollars the first year, and then doubled that last year. She says all the money goes to support the arts in Des Moines.