There’s been a realignment of top staff in Governor Vilsack’s office. Stephen Gleason, Vilsack’s chief of staff, left the job in December due to health reasons. On Monday, Gleason made his exit permanent. In a prepared statement, Gleason, who is a doctor, said keeping a “calmer schedule” is a priority. Cynthia Eisenhauer, a long-time state bureaucrat who began her career with the state during republican Governor Terry Branstad’s administration, has been serving as chief of staff since Gleason’s departure. Vilsack says Eisenhauer’s now in the job permanently. In addition, Mike Tramontina — a long-time democratic party activist who has been heading the Iowa Finance Authority for the past few years — will become director of the Iowa Department of Management. That’s the agency that oversees the details of state spending. Tramontina must win confirmation from the Iowa Senate to get that job permanently. Tramontina ran Michael Dukakis’ successful Iowa presidential campaign and helped the State Treasurer launch the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.