Another key senator is weighing in on the ethanol issue. Senate Co-President Jeff Lamberti, a republican from Ankeny, opposes a bill that would force gas stations to offer customers only ethanol-blended fuel. “We’re well over 60 percent usage and growing every year,” Lamberti says. “I don’t see a need for an ethanol mandate. The other Co-President of the Senate, Jack Kibbie — a democrat from Emmetsburg, is sponsoring legislation that would force gas stations in Iowa to pump only ethanol-blended fuels. Lamberti says if you want to boost ethanol use, take the ethanol stickers off the pumps. “Most people buy based on two things: price and octane,” Lamberti says. “(Ethanol) has a better octane and it’s lower priced. Most retailers you talk to say if you removed the sticker, you would actually drive sales up.” Lamberti says. But wouldn’t that hoodwink some customers who do not want to buy ethanol?”No, I don’t think it’s a matter of fooling ’em, but why do we have a law saying we have to put a sticker on (pumps that dispense ethanol-blended fuel)?” Lamberti says. “It was designed as a promotional item, thinking it would actually drive usage up. Well, it has actually had the effect of putting a cap on usage.” Lamberti’s father founded the Casey’s convenience store chain.