Iowans today (Friday) are being urged to dress in red. Cindy Hughes with an Iowa chapter of the American Heart Association says the turnout on February 4 is going to symbolize women’s health. Last year was the first national “Wear Red for Women Day,” encouraging both women and men to wear red and show awareness that heart disease is the number-one killer and boost awareness that women can prevent the disease. Supporters are being asked to donate five-dollars and choose a red wristband, red dress pin or flag pin as their token and reminder. Hospitals and retail chains are taking part in the promotion too, selling red-dress stickers for one-dollar donations to go for research. Thousands of companies, stores and schools are taking part as well, letting workers, students and staff members give a five-dollar donation to “purchase” the right to wear red to support fighting heart disease and stroke in women. All the proceeds go to research and education on cardiovascular disease in women. She says the stereotype is that heart disease only affects men, but it’s the number-one killer of women. Part of the message is that women can take control of many factors that affect their health, including diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle factors like smoking that can help them reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. To learn more, visit the group’s website at americanheart-dot-org or call 1-888-MY-HEART.