Iowa State looks to get a winning streak going on the road at Nebraska tonight (Tuesday) after breaking a 28-game road losing streak Saturday. Cyclone coach Wayne Morgan says the win boosted their confidence, but they won’t go into tonight’s game thinking a win on the road is assured. He says they feel good about themselves and have some confidence that if they play well, they have a chance to win. But he says they’d prefer playing at home to playing away. Morgan says they know the game won’t be easy. He says Nebraska has a good team, but they feel if they can go and battle, then they have a good chance. Nebraska coach Barry Collier says the Cyclones have finally found a way to pull games out.He says I-S-U is playing a little better in their recent win streak, but he says they were playing well in their opening conference games, and just lost some close games down the stretch. Collier was asked if he’d rather not be playing I-S-U now that they’re on a winning streak. He says they’re a very, very, good basketball team and that’s what you face up and down the league, so he says you just have to go and take the schedule and be ready to play each game. Iowa State enters the game at 11-8 overall and 3-5 in the conference, while the Huskers are also 3-5 in the Big 12 and 10-9 overall.